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As a firm we are given to delivering information and knowledge that empowers our people through progressive initiatives that take and use the resources at our people`s disposal effectively and efficiently. The three pillars of financial literacy as we know them are investments, savings and insurance. Through our very intentional and purpose driven initiatives we are striving to bring to the masses products and services that achieve our mandate of raising the standard of living. Our insurance offerings follow the same principles and are created to meet people at the point of need. We are delving into the realms of insurance provision with focus on affordability, efficiency, reliability with no compromise on the quality of service being offered. Oarkhurst Insurance Brokerage has been created with this objective in mind.

Oarkhurst Insurance Broker

Products and services

Oakhurst Insurance Brokers provides solutions to your short-term insurance needs. We specialize in bond insurances (house owners), permanent disability and death benefits as well as build-together program project insurance for members of Municipality, Town councils and Village council community housing projects.  Oakhurst Insurance Brokerage is driven and motivated to bringing product development as well as improving service delivery through innovation through our various stakeholder engagements.

Build- together Programs                                    Decentralized Houses

Business Insurance                                             Personal Insurance (Building & Contents)

Building Contractors Insurance                         Farmers Insurance

Livestock/Bloodstock                                          Hunters/ Passenger Liabilities

Goods in Transit/ Once Off                                 Aviation (Airplane Insurance)

Travel Insurance                                                  Vehicle Insurance & Fleet Insurance

Marine Insurance                                                 Engineering Insurance

In the near term we will be stepping into long term insurance with primary focus being life insurance and health care with a strong inclination towards product offerings that are suited for our people.

As an Insurance Broker we are registered with the following Insurance Companies:

  1. Santam Namibia – Commercial & Personal
  2. Hollard Insurance – Commercial &Personal
  3. Old Mutual Insurance – Commercial &Personal   
  4. Phoenix Insurance – Commercial &Personal

As a broker we have an agreement with these above Insurance Companies in Namibia, thus they will take responsibility for claims (covered) occurred. We are looking forward to providing you exceptional service

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Cell:  +264 812 468 822

          +264 814 851 590

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