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About Us

Y and M investments is an investment firm with interests in finance, investments, education, mining, construction, manufacturing as well as business development and consultancy.

About us


  • We believe in people and their dreams
  • We evolve, innovate, disrupt in order to improve
  • Teamwork beats me work and makes the dream work
  • Raising the standard of life

Y and M Investments

We are a firm whose ethos is deeply entrenched in being a socially responsible entity whose business is centered on serving the community in which it finds itself to make it a better place and create opportunity for all.

We are  growth oriented which means our short term goals are very aligned to our long term goals of growing into being the best and most passionate at serving our clients and stakeholders alike in our fields of interest. Our offerings are launched in phases with each building up to bigger and better. We are structured for growth towards financial services and investment management from a disruptive technologies perspective. As such our departure point is financial literacy.


Changing the lives of our people through evolutionary, revolutionary and disruptive thinking.


Empowering our people purposely and intentionally by raising awareness through financial literacy initiatives in order to create opportunities for the financially marginalized.

Meet The Team

Mama Vee
Chief Executive OfficerMama Veemamavee@yminvestments.org
Chief Investments OfficerMarshalmarshal@yminvestments.org
Finance and OperationsRoshieroshienzeve@yminvestments.org
Administrative OfficerNtombintombi@yminvestments.org
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