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Crawford Floor PlanChapter 3: Article 16 of the Namibian Constitution states that “All persons shall have the right in any part of Namibia to acquire, own and dispose of all forms of immovable and movable property individually or in association with others.” Our concept emanates from the fact that Housing and/or Property ownership is a basic necessity and human right that all citizens are entitled to and therefore we believe that everyone can and should take necessary steps in a lifetime to own a house. We also believe that there is strength in numbers… therefore our model of house ownership is embodied in cooperation. Housing Cooperatives are a sure and secure way of enabling even the poor people to own houses. We are however, careful to use robust approaches that guarantee results and success within a reasonable timeframe compared to most traditional ways that people are accustomed to.

 Our motive is

  • to eliminate the risk of people losing houses to financiers should an even arise that a person loses employment or forms of income before the house is fully repaid,
  • to eliminate the pain of paying off huge interests to financiers during the tenure of housing loan repayments and, 
  • to own a debt free house within six years at most.

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